04 Dec

The Rise of Virtual Tourism

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Anyone who browses social networks or any highly populated site, in general, has a roughly good idea what virtual tourism implies. Tourism advertising has come a long way over the past several years, and we can typically see it in the ad quality on those popular websites. In other words, virtual tourism was mainly used as a marketing tool, and because of its effectiveness, the industry has seen massive growth. To that end, it would be interesting to see how this happened. 

Why is this so effective?  

People love to travel and spend their summer vacation in a more tropical place, so the idea behind virtual tourism is really to magnify that feeling. Previously the commercials for travelling mainly consisted of images and videos of the locations along with lots of other people having fun there. 

Today we have way better tech. We have 360-degree cameras that are able to capture amazing panoramic photos, we have gadgets like google glasses and even VR headsets. Today, instead of showing clients how other people have fun at the beach, we have the tech to allow them to experience the beach virtually. You can show them how the view will feel like, they can experience the scene through the paraglider’s point of view, or they can put on a headset and look around for themselves. These experiences really amplify the desire to be there in person and to travel simply.   

Furthermore, this is not just a cash-grabbing technique, it’s actually really useful and insightful for the client. If they are in two minds where they should go, they will have a better grasp of what to expect thanks to virtual tourism. It is for these reasons that we are likely to see even more VR tech being used in this industry, as the feedback is really positive. 

Virtual tourism as its own product

Another thing that is likely to occur with the advancement of virtual technology, is virtual tourism as its own product. To clarify, it won’t be a marketing tool any more, it will be an experience we pay for. Even though it can never replace the real deal, if people love they will buy it, simple as that. There could be numerous reasons why someone cannot travel at a certain time, but they still want to experience different cultures. So, they will be able to visit mountain tops virtually, go to the museums virtually, and get a pretty decent second-hand experience, which is better than nothing. 

What VR can do better than travelling

Another thing we can use VR for, or even AR for that matter if we are at a specific location, is the recreation of history. We visit museums and monuments and only here stories of important events that transpired there. Now it’s entirely possible to recreate them and include them in the VR experience. We love to learn new things in a more engaging way, which is why the industry is likely to receive funding for these projects given how customers are interested in these products.  

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