24 Apr

The Best Sports Apps for Your Phone

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Relying on technology is viewed as a crutch by some and as an opportunity by others. Like it or not, technology is here to stay with us and accepting it is one of the best ways to make use of it, or rather, start making use of it. 

Sports fans were among the first ones to start using mobile applications. Bookmakers, statistics apps, news applications, you name it, sports fans use it. Sports prediction applications have grown in popularity and fans have learned to use them, even if the odds might not be in their favor.

For example, avid Arsenal fans would be likely to follow along with these predictions, but not every punter would.

Mobile applications are interesting, especially in the world of sports. Here are the top sports apps for your smartphones.

Bleacher Report

This is the go-to sports app that has news about all types of sports. It is also one of the best sources for sports news. One of the reasons for that is that sports fans write the actual news articles, and not just people who are there to get a job. Bleacher Report started off as a blog site where anybody could write sports-related articles, news or otherwise.

It grew into one of the world’s most reliable sources for sports news.


theScore has grown in popularity recently. It is one of the few news sources that has embraced esports completely. They frequently publish esports content on their YouTube channel, mini documentaries on recent events, legendary players, teams or anything that is in any way important for a sport.

Their application gives you news, personalized or otherwise. You could also set it up to view social updates on your favorite players and teams. It also has a messaging service, which makes it a complete package for sports fans.

BBC Sport

The BBC is one of the biggest broadcasting networks in the world and their sports news app is as great as one would expect. Yes, there are all the standard things that you want, news, personalized news, great search options, social media sharing and mobile optimization.

But then, we have live streaming. Streaming is popular today, and on-demand streaming is the new TV. You can watch whichever sport the BBC is broadcasting, live on your phone. This alone makes the app worth your attention, let alone everything else.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo is one of those services that seem forgotten but are still there, in full force. Yahoo Sports is a great application that offers everything from news to streaming. You can personalize your feed and organize it easily. 

The application is easy to use and like all the applications on the list, free to download. There is an option of getting local news, based on your location, a feature that is very handy if you want only local news.

NBC Sport

Coming from another giant network, NBC Sport offers what most applications on this list offer, including on-demand streaming. Having a solid user interface and being easy to navigate, NBC Sport can easily be recommended as one of the best sports news applications.

There are a plethora of sports applications that you could download, but not all of them are as good as these ones. Try them, as they are widely considered to be the best sports applications for smartphones.

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