26 May

The Best Gadgets of 2021

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We all like to have technology at our feet or rather, at the palm of our hand. While we cannot have the power of the sun at the palm of our hands (sorry, Dr. Ock) we do have computers in our hands every day. We use smartphones to do almost anything we want – we use it to watch videos online on how to do certain stuff, we use it to find great Betting bonus offers and as of recently, we use it for our work. And naturally, when we use both smartphones and computers, we also use gadgets – some of which are great, some of which we quickly forget. 2021 had some great gadgets, and here are the most memorable ones.

The Analogue Pocket

We like gadgets that bring the past back and modernize it. Handheld consoles and consoles from the past, like Sega and Nintendo, are often really important in the eyes of the first gamers.

Today’s gamers can enjoy the charm of these old consoles with a handheld device called the Analogue Pocket.

It is a console that runs an FPGA processor that is able to emulate the consoles of the good old days, on a hardware level. Software emulation has been around, but this console, with a 3.5 inch display and buttons which mirror the famous consoles from before, is the real deal.

The Dyson V15 Detect

Somebody needs a robot vacuum cleaner, others like a good-old manual approach, though a cordless one, of course. The Dyson brand is synonymous with good vacuum cleaners and they have been at the forefront of vacuum cleaner evolution. The V15 Detect is a smart vacuum cleaner that detects the qualities of the particles you are vacuuming and adjusts its suction power to match. Less wasted power, better vacuuming, a futuristic look and glow, what more could you want.

Sony SRS-RA3000

Why not purchase a smart speaker that can project its sound 360 degrees. It is a great speaker built by Sony, who are known for being among the best in the world of audio reproduction. From headphones to speakers, Sony seems to deliver a good product every time. 

It is a great speaker that is humid-proof, with actually multiple speakers, bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, to cover all your household needs.

Logitech StreamCam

Logitech is a company that has produced PC peripherals for a while now, from speakers, to keyboards, mice and web cameras. Their web cameras are known for their high quality and this one can produce a 1080p, 60 fps video, which is good enough for any meeting, as well as live stream. Your streaming career can start with high quality videos.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Why not get a doorbell which also has a video recording feature. It records in a high resolution, 1536p, which seems like a strange number, but it is effective and it can help keep your home safer.

With motion detection and wireless connectivity, you can find out what is going on outside your front door when you are away.

Every year shows us some great gadgets and these have been the best ones in 2021.

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