24 Apr

Next Xbox release News and other stories making the rounds in the world of gaming consoles

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Gaming enthusiasts all over the world are waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the launch date for the next Xbox and Xbox X series.

A report in one of the online news portals suggests that Microsoft is already back in the works to develop new Xbox. However, according to the report engineers at Microsoft are taking their time in the development process and it is very likely that the launch date for the new Xbox is still far off. This development according to industry watchers will benefit Sony and the PS brand; since the PS5 is tipped to be released as early as 2019 or not later than 2020.

A move which if followed through will help Sony build up a commanding lead in the console wars. So game-hungry fans can take a chill knowing that the release for the next console is not far off.

What do we know so far about the Xbox two X specs, features, and games?

To get a glimpse of what the new Xbox is likely going to look like, we just have to turn our attention to the Xbox X and Xbox One X. Since the new release as we suspect will be an upgrade on the existing console on the market already, we’d expect Microsoft to keep the features that defined these past releases while introducing new ones to the latest versions.

Now that the Xbox is compatible with 4k gaming, we’d expect Microsoft to focus on making significant performance improvement on the new release such as improving graphical fidelity and frame-rate. It is not out of place also, to look forward to Microsoft release two versions of the Xbox two X – a turbo-charged, premium version for die-hard gamers and a watered-down, less-graphics intensive version for casual gamers.

On the VR and AR front, Microsoft really has some catching up to do since Sony has made tremendous progress with its PlayStation VR platform. However, we know that Microsoft has been working for years now on its augmented reality headset, the Hololens which enables one to overlay virtual object onto their real-world environment. Hopefully, we’d see Microsoft integrate its AR technology into a future Xbox.

Xbox Official Release date

It’s been a tad difficult getting information about the release of the latest Xbox version in the absence of an official announcement about the launch date from Microsoft and we’ve had to make do with the tidbits from industry insiders.

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