23 Sep

How Technology is transforming the Gambling Industry

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The Gambling industry is ever changing and ever evolving thanks in part to its flexibility to adopt and adapt emerging technologies. Over the years technology has changed the face of gambling – from the emergence of online casinos to the development of mobile app betting and hunting for bonus codes on sites like bonusexpert.net. The introduction of predictive modeling and virtual reality which is taking the industry by storm and aims to bridge the gap between online and land-based casinos.

Technology is genuinely impacting every aspect of the industry, upturning trends, and setting new standards. It is then not surprising to find smart casino houses leveraging the power of tech to drive customer acquisition and greater retention; stepping up customer experience; even tailoring their gaming offering to the preference of each player.

In this article, we will look at other technological advancements that are significantly changing the way we gamble.

The Internet and Online casinos

Over the course of the human history, there are few inventions which have had a massive impact on how we live like the creation of the internet. The internet has, as a matter of fact, changed the way we live, do business, learn, relax, seek entertainment, and so much more forever. Today at the comfort of their home, one can tap a button on their smartphones and literally have their shopping brought to their doorstep.

One can enjoy the thrills of new movies, listen to trending music, chat and date without stepping out of their homes. And the gaming industry is not left out in all these innovations. The industry has shown it can also be adept at adopting new technologies. Take for instance the popularity of online gaming which has brought with it all the niceties and convenience of the internet. Gamers and bettors don’t have to visit a brick-and-mortar casino before they could enjoy their favorite games. By playing online, they can, right from the comfort of their homes or wherever they may be on the planet enjoy the same innovative, immersive and sophisticated experience land based casinos offers.

The emergence of smartphones and mobile apps has even significantly boosted the element of convenience and accessibility offered by online casinos. Now, gamers can easily access their games; place a wager on their favorite sport even when on the go.

The Facelift for Land Casinos

Although, land-based casinos provide a physical aspect to gambling – the opportunity for players to touch and feel the cards, sit at tables,  place their chips on the table and of course roll the dice – they have even gone a step further to leverage technology in offering technologically superior games to their customers.

The video slot machine and the touch screen kiosks, for instance, are popular additions to the land casino that signal the adoption of technology even in the most traditional settings. Apart from the enhanced game experience, land-based casinos utilize technology in other ways including boosting security, providing personalized services to customers, and even player risk management.

Casinos security arrangements now include technologies like facial recognition to radio-frequency identification chips (RFIC). They also integrated near-field sensors to provide an additional layer of security around their premises. Also, the replacement of gambling tables and chips with smart gadgets enables the casino establishment to monitor the game flow, track how long a player has been on a table, monitor a winning player and also watch when a gamer is about to suffer a loss that might make them not return again.

These insights can guide the casino management to either decide to offer some ‘campons’ to players; to intervene physically and guide a player to another game or even set up player profiles that help them assess the risk of each player.

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