The Use of AI in Online Gambling

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The whirlpool of AI-driven technologies is disrupting industries and trends; setting new standards and of course, making life a lot easier. The online gaming community is not left out in their frenzy sweep; in fact, from what we can see, AI has been adopted quite nicely in this niche.

The Rise of AI

Sometime in 1950, some nerdy guy decided it’s time to build a thinking machine that will well, according to him process and analyze information as well as accomplish creative and intellectual tasks. However, the end game for AI proponents is to build a computer that can effectively learn and unlearn, evaluate and modify its behavior according to new information.

Artificial Intelligence in Online gaming

It didn’t take long, after the advent of AI for someone to figure out how to leverage this new tech to play online.

The American cybernetic scientist, Arthur Samuel was actually the first person to develop a sort of program that enabled computers to play checkers with humans; during the play time, the system was teaching itself and improving its skills based on past experience. Fast forward couple of years to 1962, and the program managed to beat R. Neely, the reigning American Checker champion at the time, this event, of course, beamed the searchlight on how a significant role AI is going to play in the development of the online gaming industry.

Over the years, there have been tremendous improvements in the AI development, so it’s not surprising to see its implementation in different aspects of online gambling.

So let’s take a look at some of the areas AI is making waves in online gaming:

Most gambling platforms are integrating AI use it to analyze players’ behaviors and offer them suggestions on which game they’d like to play next just as Amazon displays additional products for buyers when they land on their website. The goal is to provide a fantastic experience for users through anticipating player’s needs, figuring out and serving them what would make them stay.

To some gaming company, the data are used to detect elements that make certain games more popular than others while to some other company it’s merely to optimize their revenue generation pipeline. The Artificial Intelligence has also been deployed to detect the early onset of gambling addiction.

An example of this AI is the Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS) developed by a tri-partnership between Kindred, an online gambling company, City University of London, and BetBuddy a gambling analytics company. The solution collects data about how much time a gamer spends playing, the time and amount the deposits, the kinds of games they play and how much the stake. The PS-EDS will then process this information to uncover underlying gambling addiction problem before it even becomes full-blown.

Also, leveraging on the insights, online casino owners can decide to limit problem accounts or ban them outrightly. Finally, AI is being used to detect and isolate cheaters; however, the flip side to this is that unscrupulous players can also develop their own AI programs that might help them rip off the house.